Fun Stickers

Our publishing house is happy to present you our latest newcomers!! ! The series FUN STICKERS is filled up with 3 new books! 
With our new books with reusable stickers children will:
find out about sea world and interesting  animals that live underwater; 
meet already known animals and learn new information about them;
learn English with fun;
colour the pictures;
train memory and make up different stories;
have a lot of fun!

For the last years the sticker books have become extremely popular with little kids and their parents.  

We are happy to give you some tips on how to use sticker books in literacy activities.

Sticker Books help you to build vocabulary and background knowledge.
If you are introducing a new topic, themed sticker books can help to build vocabulary. For example, if your child is starting to learn animals, Fun Stickers books are full of both domestic and wild animals. As your child places the stickers on each scene page, you can talk about the objects and build vocabulary around the topic.
Sticker books make great traveling activities for the car, plane or train. They are light weight and easy to pack. Plus, they keep the kids busy learning for miles and miles.
And the greatest thing is that our stickers are reusable! Kids can make up stories over and over again with reusable stickers. And, if they get tired using them in the book or play they can also use them on windows.